BIObags: Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

25 08 2007

Shit Is Real!, originally uploaded by J-ROCK!.

Dealing with doggie dookie is a necessary part of life for any canine owner. For those of us who share an urban environment with our four legged friends we are all too familiar with the daily war that is waged between us and the puppy piles dropped on the city side walk.

There are 74 million owned dogs living in the U.S. according to the 2006 census, the majority of which are in or near urban areas. This equates to a potential 27 billion polyethylene / polypropylene dog waste bags dropped into landfills each year. For the eco-conscious there have been few successful alternatives to the plastic bag. Fortunately, BIObag USA has developed a 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable pet waste bag made from corn starch, vegetable oil and other biodegradable materials. According to the BIObag website these bags fully decompose in 10 to 45 days in a controlled compost and while most city-folk don’t have the luxury of a compost, the increased degrading time in a landfill situation is still sure to beat the 100 years it takes for conventional plastic bags by a long shot.

The price is right too. At less than $5 per 50 pack (or 600 bags for $40.90) these are an affordable alternative that any Earth-loving dog owner can embrase. BIObags USA provides their certification and testing information online too so we can rest assured their product performs as claimed.

PROS: Affordable and completely biodegradable.

CONS: Tough to find. BioBag website links to their vendors.

BP BONUS: BioBags has an entire product line of kitchen and garden bags to go along with their pet products.